Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello Arkansas, So Long (crazy, nerve racking) Oklahoma!

Okay, I guess the title sounds bad. You have to understand, that we drove from Albuquerque to Springdale, AR in one day. So we drove through northeast Oklahoma at night. It was the longest, most annoying drive I every made.

First of all it all started with dinner at Panda Express. We let Grandma choose where to eat (we did not make that mistake again). Then we got on the road and drove. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is either full of comedians or a bunch of idiots. Yeah, I said it!

We drove through nowhere and the speed limit would go from 60mph, to 45mph, then to 25mph. It would then go to 70mph. Hello, I felt like the Exorcist. Then we hit construction, were one lane was coned off for like10 miles. The speed limit of 30 mph is strictly enforced. By what? I never even saw one construction machine or at least a shovel (come on try to at least make it look real). The speed changed like every five minutes. I was so was focused on the road that my eyes hurt. I did not want to miss any of those signs. My sister called warning us about the area and that someone always gets a ticket.

By this point I am cursing that state. Later on the way back I saw the area in the light. It was pretty, but what was done was done. I hate that state, too.

Please, let Arkansas be pretty and sane.

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